Iron Tide

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Another title I own based on the Battle of the Bulge is Iron Tide: Panzers in the Ardennes. Nathan Kilgore, the designer, has been trying to ensure the errata for the game is on the web somewhere secure for download. Hes uploaded it at Boardgamegeek and has given me permission to post his errata here.
Errata 1/27/2007  (PDF)
Tournament Rules (word doc)
Examples of Play (word doc)
Ebb Tide Scenario (pdf)
Additional CRT Chart (pdf)
Cyberboard Gamebox
Iron Tide for Vassal Module (zip file) 
Cheat Sheet (word, Dick Vohlers' game aide) update
Cheat Sheet (same thing, in PDF format)
Iron Tide in Japanese (PDF)
Chart 1 for Japanese use (PDF)
Chart 2 for Japanese use (PDF)

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