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Even though I dislike having to put any kind of legalese around on the site, it appears some people never understand the copyright concept. I've got some strong feelings on copyright in particular about what seems to be unreasonable duration, and some of which I won't publish here simply because it leads to argument and philosophical debate that doesn't change the existing law. The law is in place like it or not, the protections exist and will be applied as written.

Copyright Notice

Except where noted specifically as owned by other parties, the following notice applies to the entire Private Wars and Kyth Interstellar site. Specific company or personal Logos as mentioned belong to those parties. Some trademarks may apply where is displayed with the logo, footnotes at bottom of the page these are used may be present.

Copyright 2005 Gary Christiansen

All rights reserved.

All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and/or the Berne international treaty on copyrights and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without prior written permission of Gary Christiansen. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.

Any original documents may be copied and printed for personal use only, and may not be sold, or distributed in quantity, including copies distributed by the internet. Cyberboard gameboxes in particular may only be downloaded for use in the event a physical copy is owned by the person using the gamebox.

Copyright Material belonging to others on these pages:

The material on the Ardennes '44 pages are copyright material owned by GMT or Mark Simonitch. Permission to use received from Mark Simonitch, and all use elsewhere must be by their permission.

The material on the Iron Tide pages is copyright Pacific Rim Publishing & Nathan Kilgore and available strictly by Nathan's permission, all use elsewhere must be by permission.

The article by Kevin Parks about CABS which appeared in 'This Week' news, is available by permission from This Week Newspapers (intended strictly to promote the club, obviously).

Some common icons such as the email icon below are copyright material from, used by conditions of their license.

Some resources for learning about copyright law:

U.S. Copyright Office

U.S. Copyright Office - Games (specifics of copyright application to games)

Brad Templeton's 10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained

Oregon State's Multimedia Copyright Information Page (contains interesting info and links)

Richard Keyt's Copyright Law page

Patents, Trademarks & Copyright at National Paralegal College

Joel Miller at Admedia on Copyright, Patent & Trademark

Trademark vs. Copyright

There are many other resources to go to on the internet for information about copyright law and how it applies in a modern age with ease of copying greatly facilitated by technology. A quick google search will turn up many sites with a wealth of detail. Ultimately, if you have a legal question about copyright you need to engage a lawyer for any help. I'm by no means qualified to offer legal advice to anyone else, so get qualified, trained help if you are looking for help.

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