Ardennes '44

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Ardennes '44 is GMT's new Battle of the Bulge game (August 2003). This is perhaps the single best entry in the long list of Battle of the Bulge games produced in the last couple decades. I strongly recommend this game for anyone interested in the Battle of the Bulge or 'conflict simulation' (Wargaming).

I got my copy on September 11 and immediately started to tackle the rules. One thing I discovered was the fold/staple point in the rules meant the graphics in the Extended Examples of Play were difficult to examine in the middle.

Mark Simonitch has provided the graphics from the Extended Examples of Play so they can be downloaded for anyone who wishes to view them without the split in the images.

Here they are:

bulletGerman Turn 1 (1.128 Meg)
bulletAllied Turn 1 (777 Kb)
bulletGerman Turn 2 (753 Kb)
bulletAllied Turn 2 (713 Kb)